5 Ways to Prepare for A New Website

When you’re in charge of a business or any kind of business opportunity, you need to be ready to expand at any time. One of the most important features your business or idea should have behind it, though, is a website. A website plays a major role in determining the overall quality of your visibility, perceived authenticity and reach across the wider spectrum.

So, how can you prepare for a new website? What can you do to try and make sure that your business has the opportunity to make the most of a website development? Here are some tips:

  • Who’s The Website For? The first and most prominent question we have is to know who the website is for. Who the website is for – general age, location, hobbies, maybe even gender – will determine the layout. You wouldn’t go for an informal website layout and language style if you were trying to promote to a team of business executives, would you? By the same token, you wouldn’t go all super-serious if you’re promoting products to millennials, either!


  • What Catches Attention? As much as those who love to sit down with a book will know, writing is becoming more marginalized. While still vital, people prefer video to absorb content in a quicker basis. Writing-heavy websites rarely work as they once did; while you need content to help rank the website and improve its search engine visibility, streamlining as much of the content as you can to video and other forms of easier to take in media will truly benefit your development.


  • What Holds Attention? Once you have the attention of people through your awesome media, how do you get them to stick around? How do you get them to buy, sign-up or take action otherwise? Make sure you have 1-2 eye-catching Calls to Acton throughout. Before the website even starts the design phase, think about where you would be trying to make that big sale. From developing freebies for the website to conceptualizing rewards, how will you get people to stick around after the visit as a reader, subscriber or customer?


  • Where Does The Funnel End? Another vital aspect of preparation for a new website is the sales funnel. Look at your sales funnel, and ask yourself what the pathway from entry to conversion will be. Take a look at your website idea – if you cannot follow it from opening the landing page to eventually subscribing/buying, then your sales funnel needs more work to help improve its effectiveness.


  • Where Does The Website Fit? The worst thing you can do is lash out on a new website, only to find out that you intend on changing the entire basis of your business via a rebrand. Before committing to a website design, make sure you know if your present brand identity does what you want it to do. If you feel that you need a full rebrand, not just a website, you’d do well to consider doing that first, instead!

Using the above, you should hopefully find it easier to plan out and prepare for the development of your new business. If you can answer all of the above in an affirmative fashion, you’re likely pretty close to starting that website development you’ve been thinking about initiating for so long!

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