5 Ways to Prep for a Rebrand

As a business, one of the most important pieces of long-term progress is always being a step ahead. You should always be aware of when your business is in need of a catalyst for change. This means being ready to put in the effort to help force a positive re-brand of your business when the time comes. As we all know, after a period of time our businesses reach a stage whereby they need refreshing.

A brand message changes over time, and we have to be able to react to that and adapt our business to fit. To help you do so, here are five ways to prep for a rebrand in a way that is likely to produce results.

  • Identify your Dream Client. As you go into this period of business re-branding, you need to take a specific look at who your ideal client would be. What would they expect from you if they were to come visit your business? What kind of language and themes would they expect you to partake in showing off? Start speaking with customers new and old, and work out what has to change to meet your ideal client’ expectations. Remember, if you are trying to speak to everyone and be something for everyone, you’re really speaking to nobody!


  • Understand Rebranding Reasons. Other than feeling like your business needs a proverbial lick of paint, why do you want to go through a rebrand? You need to have some kind of legitimate reason to undergo a rebrand. This means knowing why you want to do this; don’t rebrand just because things aren’t going well. You should rebrand when you want to go in a new direction; rebranding works best when you are energized and motivated rather than desperately searching for answers.


  • Determine Wider Impact. Before you begin your big rebrand, you should take a look at what has to be changed in the first place. Is it just a website? What about branding schemes? Logos? Business cards? Leaflets? Social media? Take the time to work out the full costing of your rebrand and the scope needed to catch all of your departments and avenues before getting started.


  • What Stays? It’s unlikely that you will be getting rid of all aspects of the previous branding, so choose what should be kept from the old style. Doing this is much more likely to leave you with a better idea of what needs to change other than just thinking “everything!” – if you do wish to keep nothing, though, dig deeper into your mind-set to work out why that is.


  • Utilize Pinterest. The next step we recommend that you take advantage of comes from using social media platform Pinterest. As one of the most powerful solutions for seeing the strength of a rebrand idea, you can trial new colour schemes, fonts, image styles, patterns and anything else you can think of that might happen to resonate with your typical audience. It might take a bit of work, but Pinterest is a wonderful proving ground for trying out a new Pinterest account.

Together, all five of these parts of the thought process should make it pretty simple for you to make the right calls based on the features or your business you’d like to change.

Rebranding your business can be intimidating, but if you’ve any questions or think we could help, just let us know!

Thanks for reading!



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